Arisce Wanzer

Arisce Wanzer is a transgender Super Model best known for hosting the main stage at L.A. Prides’ first ever sold out weekend in 2018 and starring in Oxygen’s TV show ‘STRUT’.

I am the “T” in LGBTQIA. I am the person the Neo nazi’s/Trump supporters (yes, they have made it clear that they are one in the same) try to erase and fight against every single day. But i am educated. I am black. I’m loud, proud, and i live by the rules and image expectations I’ve put on myself, not like that of our very flawed and broken society. In these intense ‘right wing destroy all that is peaceful” times, i am ready and willing to fight for/represent a free America. Pride is here to stay.

RJ Aguiar

Producer, writer, content creator, and activist who’s work has been featured in The Advocate, The Huffington Post, Upworthy, Buzzfeed, Out Magazine, Mic.com, New Media Rockstars, and more.

I didn’t meet an out Bi person until I was in college. Let that sink in. I went almost two decades on this planet before meeting the first person who was able to really validate my identity. That to me shows the incredible importance of Pride, it’s a chance for you to be visible and to find other people like you who can help affirm who you are. Even today, we Bi people experience sexual abuse, assault, violence, mood disorders...all at significantly higher rates than our gay and straight counterparts. And so much of that problem stems from the fact that we’re shamed into being silent. That’s why I make it a point to be as visible as possible. I want to be that person who affirms someone else’s identity, and I want to be that for as many people as I can.

Edson Jaurez

SYTYCD Season - MSA Talent Agency

It takes courage to stand up for yourself and what you believe in. Growing up as a Latino in South Texas sharing my true colors was never easy. But now I stand tall and reach out to any young boy or girl who feels the same way. You are not alone. You are loved. You were meant to shine!

This is my Pride.