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You can let me know specific favorites, or an idea of what you like and I’ll pull out what fits.

For prints I’m enjoying the floating feeling of the images but darkening the lower portion of the crop so the subject is floating in the negative space.

I love these displayed individually or pairs or triptychs. I have a few that are crouched, not featured here, but if we want a triptych those could be folded in.

This series will eventually have a hard-copy flip-books as well. Video test of that below. I don't have any hard-copy tests yet.

The series explores the concept of sexual shame by juxtaposing the male figure in a pose that shows off form, sexuality, power and often an erection, but the expression is one of shame, sadness, anger or some combination. My hope is that when the viewer encounters the work they are overwhelmed by the desire to sexualize it while simultaneously feeling concerned for the subject. I see them as mediations to hopefully be hung in homes as something the owner might see daily and notice how some days the sexuality is the most striking and some days the human expression is what pulls focus.

Sex Shame Flip Book Test Video



Test Prints of the Sex Shames Series

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